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     About 12 years ago, sitting at a campfire, David Lester and his 2 sons, Buddy and Bo, along with a good friend, Ray Bergeron and his son Joey came up with a dream! Their dream was to paddle a pirouge down the Mississippi River... The WHOLE Mississippi River.

     Since that day, Ray and Joey have died in an airplane accident. Now Buddy has died in a car accident. All that is left of that group is David and Bo. They have decided to make that dream come true! They are planning that trip in memory of Buddy, Ray and Joey! It will begin in Minnesota and end in Venice, Louisiana for a total of 2,311 miles. It is scheduled for June 2010. It will take about 1-1/2 months. You will be able to follow them by GPS on our website.

Buddy Lester Memorial Fund

The purpose of this fund / corporation is to memorialize David (Buddy) John Lester Jr. Buddy died in an auto accident on June 27, 2009 at the age of 19. Buddy had completed 2 years of college and was taking a summer class at the time of his death.

Education was very important to Buddy and he tried to encourage others to improve themselves. Buddy had friends who did not complete high school. He was constantly trying to encourage them to go back to school and get their GED. Friends that did complete high school were encouraged to go to college.

Buddy was attending college for Business Management and his younger brother was to attend for Industrial Technology. Their plan was to complete college, go out and work a couple of years and find their true interest. Then they were to form a partnership where Buddy would manage the company from the top and Bo would manage the field. Buddy knew that education was an important part of success.

Because education was so important to Buddy, the family has decided to continue his work by encouraging high school dropouts to return to school and get their GED. After attending classes, when the student is ready to take his GED test, he can apply to this fund and the fund will cover his testing fee. At this time the fee is $50.00. Our initial plan is to begin at home in St. Martin Parish Louisiana. As we grow, we hope to be able to help our surrounding parishes and maybe, one day, the entire state.